Best Tips to Save Time on Moving Day

Moving can be such a nerve-wracking experience. Whether you are shifting to a new home, office, or moving your business, the experience can be stressful since you need to consider packing, security and safety of all your belongings, and costs. If not done properly, moving can be highly expensive both in time and money, hence, use these Tips for saving time on Moving Day to make your experience faster, convenient, cost effective and hustle free.

Make a schedule

Planning ahead makes a lot of difference while moving. Preparing a schedule of about two months prior to the move makes you know all the tasks that you need to accomplish and prioritize them one by one. Thus, you will allocate more time to the most important ones and avoid last minute rush on some trivial tasks. Preparing the schedule is not enough, stick to it and keep track of your process on a weekly or daily basis. Ensure that your schedule has a list of off your possessions with a checklist on when each of the items should be packed.

Hire a Moving Company

Resist the temptation of thinking that you can do it all by yourself. Hiring a reliable, experienced and cost effective company such as Convenient Lifestyle Movers Inc. This South Florida moving company can make a huge difference in your experience. By offering you expert services using state- of- the art equipment, a moving company can ensure that all your belongings arrive at the destination in a good working condition. This way you can save money which would be required to replace or repair the lost items.

Since its launch, Convenient Lifestyle Movers Inc. has been a household brand in the moving industry. Among its many products designed to make your experience hustle free, the Company offers -Free estimation of the total cost for you to know the exact cost of moving. -Blanked wrappings for all delicate items such as furnishings, fine art among others -Effective insurance policy on all items -Additional free services on weekends in case of shortfall -Packing and unloading of all items

Packing like a pro

While most top rated moving companies such as Convenient Lifestyle Movers Inc offer packing solutions, some don't hence packing is one task that is most likely to take up a huge component of your time and budget. As mentioned by HGTV having a packing system that ensures that all items end up in the right room will not only save you time while moving but also make settling in your new environment easier. Thus, use a color code to mark items for the kitchen, living room, bedrooms and give your movers an outline of your new home to ensure that they can easily identify the rooms.

Also, ensure you get all the packing supplies such as boxes, newsprint, bubble wrap, and markers in advance to avoid rushing out every 30 minutes to buy something as this will delay your schedule. If you have something that you feel you don't need anymore, throw it away to save up space for more useful items. The same applies for items that are cheap and easily replaceable, simply throw them away and buy some new ones when you get settled in your new home. Ensure that you pack one room at a time, not rushing from room to another as this might lead to a mix-up of the items.

Mapping out your floor plan

According to this link, understanding how you want your new place to look like in advance can save you moving time by up to 30%. Knowing how you want to arrange your living room in advance saves you the frustration of standing with your moving crew in the living room while trying to decide where to put the couch. Other than increasing the total cost of moving, as many companies charge on an hourly basis, this will leave you with an extra duty of rearranging the house instead of shifting to other things. Thus, try to have a mental picture of your new home or office with all your items in it prior to moving in.

Hence, moving doesn't have to be an expensive, time consuming and stressful event. After investing heavily in acquiring your new home, you shouldn't ruin the enthusiasm of moving in by simply messing up on a moving day.