How to Prepare for Moving day

The big day is looming and you know it is going to be a busy and emotional one. After all, it’s never easy to pack up all your worldly belongings and say goodbye to a house filled with happy memories. Moving home can be a trying time for everyone involved, but you can make the process stress-free with the right advice from a professional moving firm.

Here at Convenient Lifestyle Moving in South Florida, we’ve got your moving day preparation covered. Our local experts have shared some helpful moving tips on how to best plan and manage packing and moving before the move.

Hire a moving firm or do it yourself?

In the weeks before moving home, you must decide who you want to help you move. You may have friends and family willing to help out but most people prefer to use a reputable moving firm to save time and hassle, as well as avoid the dangers of carrying and transporting heavy furniture.

If you opt for a removals company in South Florida, remember to book their services will in advance. The team at Convenient Lifestyle Living are happy to provide you with a free survey and estimate so you know all the costs involved before making a definite booking.

Sort through your belongings

Moving home is a great opportunity to throw away some of the things you no longer need. We’re all guilty of hoarding items we don’t use, so embrace this time to have a good sort through and clear out of anything you don’t wish to take to your new home.

You could even recycle things you don’t want or donate some of your belongings to a charity. Every bag and box of clothes, books, china, etc. that you get rid of will mean less time and expense on moving day. You’ll also have less to unpack when you arrive at your new home.      

Packing your goods

It’s always best to start packing early to avoid any last-minute madness. Pack room by room and label everything so you know which room they need to go in at your new house. Remember not to overload boxes. Otherwise, they’ll be too heavy to carry and load into the van.

At Convenient Lifestyle Moving, we can take care of packing your belongings for you as part of our tailored service. Our aim is to make moving day preparation a breeze, and we can even unpack your items when we arrive at your new location. It’s much easier with a few experienced pairs of hands.

The week before  

Now is a good time to notify your dentist, GP, schools, employer, utility suppliers, insurance companies, credit card providers and everyone else that needs to know about your move. You’ll be knee deep in preparations by now and want to get this out of the way before things get hectic.

If you have children and pets, see if you can enlist a friend or relative to look after them on moving day. You’ll be amazed at how much of a difference it will make. Plus, it’s much safer to keep them out of harm’s way and you can also focus on the move without any little interruptions. 

Cleaning your existing property

When you move, it’s always nice to clean out your house ready for the new occupants. This is especially important if you are currently in a rented property, as you’ll want to get your full deposit back. However, finding the time can be tricky with everything else you have to plan and manage.

Great news! Convenient Lifestyle Moving in South Florida can provide a moving-out cleaning service, so you don’t have to lift a finger. As the friendly and helpful moving firm that we are, we can also clean your new home so you can move straight into an immaculate and hygienic living space.

Leave a handover note for the new homeowner

A great moving tip is to leave a note with your forwarding address and a phone number for the new homeowner. It’s highly likely that you’ll receive some mail that contains personal information at your old home once you’ve gone and are waiting for everyone to update their records.

Preparing a handover note will make it easier for the new owners or tenants to track you down and ensure your mail ends up where it now belongs – with you. You’d be surprised how many people forget to do this before moving home.

Don’t forget food and drinks

People often forget that they still need to eat and drink on moving day and usually forget about keeping themselves well watered and fed. Moving can be exhausting and very thirsty work, so you need to eat and drink plenty to give yourself lots of energy.

Buy some dry foods that won’t go out of date and bottled drinks that you can drink on the go. You’ll also need something to eat when you get to your new home, so prepare a moving-in picnic for your troops. If you’re feeling extra nice, you could even share it with your chosen moving firm too.

Our Staff at Convenient Lifestyle Moving wants you to enjoy your new home from the very moment you arrive. If there’s any way we can make moving day preparation and settling into your new home easier for you, be sure to let us know.