Packaging Tips & Tricks

Packaging Tips & Tricks

The average U.S. household possesses an average of 300,000 items. Clearly, you can see how much of a challenge this would be when packing for your move to a new house. To avoid going insane, you need to apply these smart packing tricks...

Pack as if You're Doing It for a Complete Stranger

When you pack for yourself, it's very easy to assume that you'll know exactly where everything is afterwards. Unfortunately, you're guaranteed to forget even the most obvious items. Keep in mind that 153 days of our entire lives go to waste in search of misplaced items. And that's probably not even considering the confusion that's likely to occur during a move. If you instead pack as if you're doing it for a complete stranger, you're sure to consider whether that person will know exactly where to find every item. Don't take anything for granted — label every single thing and properly categorize everything in clear packing compartments. What Worked Last Time Might Not Work This Time Considering that US citizens move approximately 11.7 times in a lifetime, it's possible that you might gravitate towards a particular routine, simply based on habit. Even if what you did in your previous move was convenient and effective at the time, it doesn't necessarily mean that it would be just as convenient and effective this time around. So many things could have changed, especially technology wise.

In this era, you're likely to have in-built computer technological systems in devices that never had this before. There even exist smart-pans with in-built tech that can regulate cooking temperature in real time. Certainly, these are not the type of hardy cooking pans that can sustain knocks and mishandling during your move. Certain items, such as data storage devices, require specific ideal conditions when moving. Proper humidity and temperature conditions must be maintained to avoid shortening the lifespan of these items or even voiding their warranty. This means that specialized moving equipment must be provided. You can't depend on any run-of-the-mill moving company to know how to handle such items. Only a professional outfit like Convenient Lifestyles Moving would possess the expertise and appropriate equipment to properly handle diverse household and business items.

Perform Thorough Maintenance Before Your Move

You certainly need to avoid the unnecessary trouble of cleaning up dirty items and conducting repairs once you move to your new house or office location. You would rather thoroughly clean and repair all your items beforehand, so you can simply rest and relax after your move. However, this would only work if you enlist the services of a professional mover that won't damage any of your property or expose it to dust and other contaminants.

During this preparation process, you can also drain gas and oil from lawn equipment, for safety reasons during transportation. Your refrigerator would also need to be unplugged and defrosted in advance. Ultimately, dealing with 300,000 items will always require much more effort and smart planning than packing a few hundred items. Therefore, be ready to put in the work and apply creative methods to work even more efficiently. So, how many household items do you think you can deal with without going insane?