Commercial Movers South Florida

A move is never just a move and when moving your commercial equipment from one location to another, the task can be daunting and stressful. At Convenient Lifestyle Moving, we take the stress out of moving business supplies and equipment with our expert commercial moving services.

Common Problems Associated with Commercial Moves

Issues can come when moving standard, residential properties, but when talking about moving an entire office from one location to another, those small problems can turn into large issues. At Convenient Lifestyle Moving, we are the professional commercial movers you can always count on.

Disassemble and Reassemble

When moving heavy equipment of any type, moving in one piece is not always an option. Sometimes equipment must be taken apart and reassembled once arriving at the new facility. Our professional team of commercial moving experts can disassemble necessary equipment and put it all back together once it arrives. This frees you up to worry about more important things. Let us handle the heavy lifting and assembling.

Warehousing and Storage

Is your new commercial space not quite ready or is part of it being renovated for future use? You will need a place to store your commercial equipment until the new facility is fully operational and standard storage areas may not be secure enough. With Convenient Lifestyle Moving, we can help you find the right location for your equipment to keep it safe until you need it.

Delicate Equipment

With Convenient Lifestyle Moving, we take great care of all your belongings. Commercial equipment is substantially expensive and therefore requires extreme care when moving from location to location. Our highly experienced team of movers are experts when it comes packaging delicate equipment for moving. We utilize the top of the line packing materials to properly cushion expensive valuables and for larger items, we can blanket wrap to keep everything in its place during the moving process. No stone is left unturned and no package is left unsecured with Convenient Lifestyle Moving.

Important Data

Generally, more firms are keeping vital data stored on devices and the cloud, but many still maintain mountains of precisely managed data files on hand. This information is vital to your company and with Convenient Lifestyle Moving, we take great care to ensure that everything remains secure and locked away from prying eyes. Your safety and security is our top priority throughout the move.

Commercial Moving Tips to Help Alleviate the Stress

Convenient Lifestyle Moving cannot possibly take away every bit of stress form your commercial moving experience, but we can alleviate the stress of knowing that your valued supplies and equipment is in good hands. From start to finish, we can help, but we also want to offer you some helpful tips to help you feel less stressed during the moving process.

Write Down Everything Being Moved – Preparation is key when moving a commercial space and we recommend keeping a documented list of all equipment on hand. This will enable you to maintain control over what is moved. Check each item off as it leaves the facility and check it again when it arrives. We do our checks too, but this step will keep you focused and worry free that everything made it to the truck and to its final destination.

Lock File Cabinets and Drawers – Security is our top priority here at Convenient Lifestyle Moving, but we understand that preparation for the big moving day is important too. Before your big day arrives, lock all drawers on file cabinets, desks, and any other containers that have locks. This may sound like a redundant step, but it will significantly help the movers and your peace of mind.

Schedule Early – Last minute moving plans to occur, but the majority of the time, you will have advanced notice when you will be moving. Pass that information along to us as soon as possible to ensure we schedule you for the move when you need it. Things can get hectic depending on the season, so we recommend scheduling at least 3 months ahead in our busy spring and summer seasons and at least 3 weeks prior for less busy fall and winter seasons.

What We Do and Why You Should Choose Convenient Lifestyle Moving

From the time we arrive at your commercial space, our team expertly assesses what is to be moved and how to safely accomplish the job. Equipment is expensive and throughout the process, we not only manage each item carefully, but also have multiple insurance options to help ease your mind.

We are Convenient Lifestyle Moving and we want to help you with your commercial move. We are not simply an average moving company, but one that excels in all aspects of moving services. With Convenient Lifestyle Moving, you will enjoy a worry free moving experience. Our trucks and teams are up to date on the latest security measures to keep your commercial equipment perfectly safe, so contact us today and let us handle your commercial move with the utmost in care.