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Safe & Affordable Fort Lauderdale Storage Facility

Preparing for a relocation can be challenging as there are plenty of essential aspects to consider, and the logistics can accumulate even in the most organized moves. When relocating a huge mansion or regional business, you might experience a lack of facilities or insufficient space at your new destination. Being the best Fort Lauderdale Storage provider, we can take your storage-related stress away. Although it seems easy, self-storing your belongings can be challenging with finding a truck, haul your items, and store all your items by yourself. Don’t fret. At Convenient Lifestyles Moving Inc., we offer the most trusted residential & commercial Fort Lauderdale storage facility. We abide by the regulations of the Florida Self Storage Association. Our warehouses are secure, clean and offer extensive options to store your items.


Affordable Storage Facility For Residentials

Be it a condo, an apartment, or a mega-mansion, homeowners need to relocate in many cases. Usually, it goes smoothly but sometimes they might need extra space to store their belongings such as an old trunk, expensive stuff, or else which cannot be moved. Convenient Lifestyles Moving Inc. offers reliable Fort Lauderdale storage services for residential. We have extensive storage units to offer flexibility to store your households. Our Fort Lauderdale Storage services include:

Short-term storage


Long-term storage


Furniture storage


Personal goods storage


Antique & fine arts storage

Fully-secured Storage Services for Commercial Goods

Relocating a business is much more complicated, challenging, and responsible than moving a house. In most cases, businesses cannot move all their assets and need to store some office furniture, IT equipment, and machines while the new office is being designed and completed. If there is a gap in closing or excess inventory, Convenient Lifestyles Moving Inc., can help with fully secured Fort Lauderdale Storage options:

IT equipment storage

Electronic device storage


Document/file storage

Excess inventory storage

On-demand Fort Lauderdale Storage Service

When it comes to huge or valuable items like a piano, gym equipment, expensive antiques, & fine art goods, client’s document, and other important stuff, there are only a few storage options available. Our Fort Lauderdale storage facility is one among those reliable, accessible, and affordable storage facilities in Florida you can trust. Regardless of the size, we offer on-demand custom Fort Lauderdale Storage services. You can get your free quote or speak to our moving specialist to schedule your pickup!

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