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Convenient Lifestyles Moving Inc. is a veteran, woman, and minority-owned business run by the skilled and committed staff with a combined 38 years of experience in the industry. The business was registered as an S corporation on February 12, 2010, in the state of Florida. Our wealth of experience makes us stand out from other Fort Lauderdale Moving Companies available.

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Who We Are ?


The mission of Convenient Lifestyles Moving Inc. is to provide clients (governments, businesses, residents, etc.) with the most reliable, timely, cost-effective, and stress-free Fort Lauderdale Moving Services. The business specializes in the transportation industry. The success of this veteran, woman, and minority-owned business is validated and ensured by the skilled and committed staff with a combined 38 years of experience in the industry. Core competencies of the Movers Fort Lauderdale Fl cover an exceptionally broad range of transportation services, including full moving services, loading trucks, unloading, packing, unpacking, and deliveries. This company strives to excel in the transportation business by providing an easier way for moving and deliveries.

Our Services

In-House Movers South Florida

We are a full-service moving company, Convenient Lifestyles Moving handle all your moving need including in-home moving services for homes and businesses throughout South Florida. Whether you are going through a remodel, need to arrange your furniture for an open house, or simply would like assistance hanging or rearranging valuables or antiques, our experienced crews can help! We have helped many residential and commercial property owners throughout the South Florida with their in-home moving needs. We can help you today!

Labor Only Load/Unload Service South Florida

We are South Florida’s finest moving company. Allow us to take the stress out of moving – load/unload your rental truck, pods or trailer. Your health is important to us. Allow our trained professionals to handle the heavy lifting. We take the stress out of moving so that you can get back into your normal routine.

Residential Move/Commercial Move in South Florida

Moving is very stressful, no matter the reason. Whether you just purchase a new house, moving to the suburbs, into the city, up-sizing or downsizing, moving is a major ordeal. With Convenient lifestyles Moving, your next residential move can be easy and stress-free. Experience. We will customize your move to meet your needs. We promise the best move at a price you can afford. We’re committed to getting all your valuables, sentimental and everyday belongings safely and secure to you destination.

Long Distance Move

A Long-distance move takes a special kind of attention to detail. If you’re looking to move your belongings or business, enlist the help of our movers. We show up with the equipment and tools necessary to get the job done quickly and efficiently, as we know time is money for you. Whether for work or personal reasons, you can rest assure knowing we have your best interests in mind.

Local Move

It doesn’t Matter whether you’re moving right down the street, across town or to another nearby city, Convenient Lifestyles Moving can help you with your local move. We handle these types of moves every single day, so you can rely on our expertise and knowledge when it comes to local relocations. From one home or office to another, no local move is too big or small for us.

Pack, Move & Unpack

Free estimates – no hidden fees – pack/unpack, disassembly/reassembly. Sometimes you just don’t have the time or resources to pack and unpack your belongings in preparation for a move. In that case, call us to do the packing and unpacking for you.Our crews consist of males and females to your liking. We bring the muscles to keep you injury free and the care to assure your goods remain damage free.

Best Movers In Fort Lauderdale

Planning to move your home or business to Fort Lauderdale? Perhaps you’re thinking about starting a family and need a larger home in Fort Lauderdale to meet your needs? Maybe you want to change your surroundings and discover new societies for your commercial setup? Whatever your present situation is, now that you have realized that moving to Fort Lauderdale is the only way to get ahead, it is time to look for the best movers in Fort Lauderdale. We at Convenient Lifestyles Moving Inc. are here to help you with this. We believe that relocating your home or business setup to Fort Lauderdale is a fresh start for you to explore new communities and discover new facets. Want to get started with the best movers in Fort Lauderdale? Contact us for a free moving estimate.

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Hire the best movers in Fort Lauderdale for your next move

So you’ve decided to hire the best movers in Fort Lauderdale for your next relocation. That’s great. Having a team of dependable movers by your side will make moving so much easier. However, you need to ensure that you only look into experienced and reputed movers in Fort Lauderdale. We at Convenient Lifestyles Moving Inc. have 38 years of combined moving experience serving Fort Lauderdale and nearby communities, delivering top-notch service quality.

Estate or luxury property moving in Fort Lauderdale

Moving the contents of a large property or estate is a difficult, but we at Convenient Lifestyles Moving Inc in Fort Lauderdale love challenges. The use of careful planning strategy, secure packing techniques, and our team of best movers in Fort Lauderdale is our secret recipe for estate moving in Fort Lauderdale, Fl.

Apartment and condo moving services in Fort Lauderdale.

For someone who has spent their whole life in Fort Lauderdale, moving from a big house to a small apartment or condo is a dramatic change. The problem is typically a lot of extra material, which makes moving complicated and stressful. Our movers in Fort Lauderdale will assist you with arranging and orchestrating your move,as well as recommending storage options for your extra belongings. For apartment or condo moving services in Fort Lauderdale, give us a call right now.

Convenient Lifestyles Moving Inc. is the best movers in Fort Lauderdale.

One of the prime reasons to choose only the best movers in Fort Lauderdale is you don’t want to be tying up loose ends from your move. That’s why selecting the best movers in Fort Lauderdale for your unique moving needs is crucial. Speak to our specialist movers to get a free, no-obligation moving quote.


Trust our best movers in Fort Lauderdale at Convenient Lifestyles Moving Inc. to ensure a smooth and hassle-free move.

Why we are the best from other

24/7 service

Wherever you are, whatever the time, we can provide moving and relocation services that is convenient, completely hassle-free, and fits into your lifestyle.

The best equipment

Our fleet of trucks and our equipment is the very best in the market, that means you get complete care for your belongings, and we get them to where they need to be with cutting-edge, equipment and processes.


You’ve entrusted everything to the best and most experienced specialists around. Our years of experience allows us to provide you with superb service.

Security cleared drivers

Your possessions are precious and important. They’re valuable. That’s why we have a crew of security-checked drivers who have years of experience, which gives you peace of mind.

Depenable Vehicles

With a large and expanding fleet, we can help anyone with their moving requirements. A strong fleet means more responsive service, to more places. This means you are covered wherever you are.

Estimated delivery time

Because we know your time is precious to you, we always give an estimated delivery time that is realistic and allows you to plan your day.


Make your Packing a Wonderful Experience

Safe & Secure Services

How We Work


01. Book Us

02. We Pack your Goods

03. We Move your Goods

04. We Deliver

Top Packing Tips

We’ve carefully compiled these tips from our top movers across the country.

Place Items from the same room in the same box.


Important or sentimental Items should be packed separately.


Take animal kennels down before transport. Most have this feature and it makes the moving them easier.


Pack smart. Items that you intend on using straight away after the move should be packed close to the back of the truck. They will be unloaded first.


Label correctly. Each box should be labeled according to its new destination instead of the room they were packed from.

Top Packing Tips

Long-distance moving causes many overwhelming aspects and we are here to provide the best customer service.
Moving house is not easy. It is an emotional experience that can quickly become too much. Hence, Hiring Professional Movers Florida is worth investing in. Our team of professional movers will help smooth out the transition. Moving can be a positive experience and when you are starting anew, you need all the help you can get.

As one of the Best Moving Companies in South Florida, we gear our services toward people such as HR managers, expatriate staff, private individuals, diplomats, and families. In many locations, we provide free box delivery services. Order $50 in packing supplies, we pick up any unused supplies and fully refund the difference for you.

Moving Company

What Our Client Says



I worked with Beverly over the phone. She was prompt and informative. I booked their company the Sunday before I needed to move into a storage unit on July 4th! The price was the most competitive after getting 3 quotes. The team of 2 arrived at 9:45am promptly and early with a 10 am start time. They unloaded a 15″ U-Haul into a 10X10 storage unit strategically. Very pleased with my work. They are fast, reliable and very pleasant to work with.



Very nice people. They had to bring 3 expensive heavy, heavy, sofa’s through a narrow gate. They were so careful. Even with all that weight, the sofas never even touched the gate. Excellent care taken.



They were outstanding. The crew did the job quickly and efficiently. I would highly recommend them. .



I was very happy with the service Convenient Lifestyles Moving Inc provided. I’ve got a lot of helpful guidelines via phone when I first got in touch with their representative. My items were delivered on time as promised. There were no delays in spite of the bad weather conditions. There was a storm that morning and I thought that we were going to reschedule the move for another day, but it wasn’t the case. I really appreciate their timely approach and professional attitude. I have already recommended them to my relatives who are moving house soon. Just keep up the good work, guys! .

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